Crochet Bikinis

Crochet Bikinis | Top Ten Reasons We Love Them

There are so many reasons to love crochet bikinis!  Let’s consider just ten of the reasons here.

Reason 1: Cool Absorbency

A cotton crochet bikini is cool when it’s hot.  As a natural fiber, cotton allows air to circulate instead of trapping heat against the body.  Cotton also absorbs moisture, drawing it away from the skin for comfort. Crochet stitches also allow for ventilation—helping keep skin healthy.

Reason 2: Soft Strength

Crochet fabric is flexible, yet stable.  The combination of soft cotton thread with the firm loops made by a skilled needlecrafter creates a fabric that holds its shape.  Crocheted fabric has substance with flexibility, allowing the wearer to move freely while the garment hugs the body.  Despite its delicate appearance, however, crochet is amazingly strong and durable.  The fabric is made of interlocked loops of strong thread.

Reason 3: Beautiful Patterns

While crochet is composed of a few basic stitches, those stitches can be combined in infinite variety to create floral patterns, geometric motifs, or plain fabrics.  All sorts of lacy edgings are also possible using only cotton thread and a hook.  Individual flowers and other shapes can be joined together or layered over one another to create new patterns.  Beads can easily be added for even more variety.

Reason 4: Unique Beauty

Most swimwear is made of lycra spandex, a thin, synthetic fabric.  We love crochet bikinis because they break the mold and offer something unique.  Crochet is too lovely to be confined to table linens or winter scarves and hats.  Crochet swimwear is something that stands out in a sea of mass-produced swimsuits.

Reason 5: Wonderful Colors

Cotton crochet thread comes in a rainbow of wonderful colors, including neutral shades to match skin tones and bright or pastel fashion colors.  Instead of merely the “in” colors and fabrics of a season, a handmade crocheted bikini can be ordered in your favorite colors any year.  Cotton, a natural fiber, is easy to dye, so it comes in many colorfast hues for long-lasting beauty.

Reason 6: Alluring Femininity

Crochet designs have the look of antique lace and classic beauty.  Instead of shiny synthetic suits, crochet cotton bikinis offer a natural look that enhances the female form.  Look like a lady who appreciates nature and fine craftsmanship.  Be a timeless beauty instead of a fashion fad.

Reason 7: Seamless Comfort

Crochet is a craft which makes fabric in thin air using only thread and a hook. Rather than cutting fabric and sewing the pieces together, crochet makes the fabric and shapes it at the same time.  Imagine the comfort of a swimsuit with no seams—just fabric shaped to your curves, with a few adjustable ties to keep things in place.

Reason 8: Artisan Details

Because crochet is a craft done by hand (there are knitting machines, but no crochet machines) it lends itself to special details.  Lace edging can be added to a bikini without any seams.  Beads can be threaded onto the crochet cotton and stitched into the work securely. Colors can be easily changed to make stripes or patterns.  Flexibility is possible with human hands carefully crafting each piece.

Reason 9: Amazing Variety

Crochet permits endless variety in shaping and fashion details for crochet swimwear.  Sizes can be adjusted.  A full bottom can be crocheted again with a thong back instead.  Stitch patterns can be changed, tops and bottoms mixed and matched.  The bikini tops also combine well with anything from a long skirt to jeans or cut-off shorts for an additional outfit.

Reason 10: Quality Craftsmanship

Crochet is an art form and a useful craft.  A skilled worker makes uniformly neat, tight stitches for a garment that lasts for years.  Washing and drying, swimming and sunning—cotton crocheted bikinis can take the wear without tearing.  Handmade garments have been closely handled and watched over by a human being who takes pride in a job well done.  Any mistakes in construction were likely corrected as soon as they were made, ensuring your garment is a one-of-a-kind work of art.

My Bikini Brazil loves crochet bikini swimsuits and would love the opportunity to make one for you.  We think you will love them, too.

Featuring Eric Wallis Photography

Eric Wallis Biography

The My Bikini Brazil Team had the pleasure of working with Photographer Eric Wallis of Westfield, Massachusetts in August 2016. Here we have a mini bio showcasing this talented, warm-hearted photographer willing to go the extra mile for his clients.

His interest in photography began when his mother and father gave him an old Brownie film camera. He was constantly taking pictures of everything. He is now considered a freelance photographer and he has expanded his capabilities to include weddings, events, portraits, commercial and fashion photography. He lives in Westfield, Massachusetts with his wife Stephanie and has three girls Amanda, Brittany and Courtney.

All About the Vision

Eric Wallis Photography is not a commodity; it is a vision. The images represent a collaboration between the photographer and the model/subject with creativity being the driving force. He does not believe in being cookie-cutter, which he feels is best left to the photo studios in big box stores. He strives to be forward thinking creating images that spark interest while displaying the subject/model in their best light. Eric explains, “If you have an idea, let`s bring it to the table and let us see what happens.” Finally he explains, “As a photographer, I am here to provide a service to you and a partnership that brings results.”

Clients of Eric Wallis Photography can expect the utmost professionalism and respect – that is the heart and soul of this brand. If you are looking to give your pictures an edge of style, imagination, and uniqueness, contact him.

My Bikini Brazil

My Bikini Brazil has been in business since 2002, offering the best in Brazilian bikinis made by skilled artisans from quality cotton materials and beautiful beads.  Each bikini is individually crafted by hand.  Choose from a wide variety of styles and colors to create your own signature fashion statement.   Select natural, undyed cotton or fashion colors to match your favorite summer clothes.

Visit Eric Wallis`s FaceBook Page. Or his website here, Eric Wallis Fashion Photography

Must Have Crochet Bikini

Must Have Crochet Bikini is Smart for Summer Wardrobes

A crochet bikini makes a smart wardrobe choice for summer style and comfort on the beach or at the pool.  The crochet top can also look great with a flowing cotton skirt, casual shorts, or denim jeans.  Crocheted cotton lace is a timeless fabric that looks as fresh today as it did decades or centuries ago.

Typical lycra bikinis found everywhere are strictly swimwear.  While the fabric is resilient, it does not breathe.  Also, lighter colors may become transparent when wet—embarrassing and not fashionable! A well-constructed crocheted bikini looks light and lacy, yet maintains its shape and substance even when wet.  Cotton fabric is also breathable and absorbent for comfort in hot weather.  While lycra fabric is susceptible to snags, pulls and pilling, crocheted fabric is strong and durable while remaining soft.

A Crocheted Bikini is Special

When you wear a cotton crocheted bikini, expect people to notice!  The beauty of the lace fabric makes for a unique look in swimwear.  Expect to stand out in a crowd for your bold, yet classic style choice.  Crochet is not just for tablecloths and bedspreads!

A popular feature in a crocheted bikini swimsuit is push-up padding in the bikini top.  This padding adds comfort to the top, wet or dry, and adds to the resilient shape and structure of the top.  Push-up padding also offers added security against transparency and added durability so your quality swimwear will look new for many seasons.

Crochet is a Delight to Wear

You will find it hard to believe how comfortable crocheted cotton fabric is against your skin. Just as cotton knit makes wonderfully comfortable panties, hand-crocheted cotton is cozy and soft in swimwear.  The technique of making crochet fabric by hand using only a hook and thread allows for virtually seamless construction.  Tie closures on the top and bottom allow for an adjustable custom fit to your own unique body.

Check Out My Bikini Brazil

My Bikini Brazil has been in business since 2002, offering the best in Brazilian bikinis made by skilled artisans from quality cotton materials and beautiful beads.  Each bikini is individually crafted by hand.  Choose from a wide variety of styles and colors to create your own signature fashion statement.   Select natural, undyed cotton or fashion colors to match your favorite summer clothes.

Convenient online shopping is fast and easy.  You could be wearing a stylish new bikini in no time! Shop Crochet Bikinis Now.

March is National Crochet Month 2016

Why not crochet a bikini to celebrate?

Crochet is often associated with household items such as baby blankets, dishcloths, and doilies.  Periodically, though, people return to wearing crocheted clothing as a fashion statement.  Crochet is a versatile craft that can be used for sweaters, hats, skirts, dresses—and even swimwear!

While it is possible to knit a bikini, crochet creates a firmer fabric with less effort.  Crocheted lace done at a firm gauge will make a fabric that looks delicate, yet does not stretch out of shape. On the beach, on a cruise, or at the local pool, a crochet bikini stands out from the crowd of typical spandex swimwear.

How to crochet a bikini

There are plenty of Free Crocheted Swimwear Patterns on the internet.  Choose a pattern you like and follow it carefully for best results.  For the seasoned crochet crafter with all the basic skills, become a member of Ravelry (a free social network for knitters and crocheters) and access their massive database of patterns—many created by Ravelry members.

For any crochet bikini, be sure to use quality yarn or thread that is firmly spun.  Mercerized cotton such as Coats and Clark’s Knit-Cro-Sheen or Aunt Lydia’s crochet cotton (in a variety of weights) are good choices.  If you have access to a specialty yarn shop, ask them for suggestions.  Hemp yarn (often used for macramé) is another good choice, as is bamboo.  Avoid fuzzy acrylic yarns. What if you find thread you love, but it is too thin? Simply crochet with two strands of crochet cotton held together and worked as one.  You could even combine two different colors for a special effect.

Decorate your crocheted bikini with beads.  Small beads can be worked into the crocheted fabric, while large wooden beads look good at the ends of string ties.  Beaded trim can also be purchased by the yard to be used as a decorative edging.

Finally, crochet at a tight gauge can be hard work for your hands.  Consider using a crochet hook with an ergonomic grip or use foam cushioning over your regular crochet hooks.

Would you rather buy a crochet bikini?

Since 2002, My Bikini Brazil has offered Brazilian Crochet Bikinis made by artisans experienced in crochet crafting by hand.  Choose a Brazilian Crochet Bikini Style or custom create a suit for yourself with the Mix and Match Option. With over 17 colors and over 34 combinations of tops and bottom are possible so you can make a unique fashion statement. Go Shopping Now.

In conclusion

March is a perfect month to share the gift of crochet.  Gifting crochet to another could mean teaching them to crochet.  It could also mean creating a beautiful crocheted gift for them, such as a custom crocheted bikini.  Who wouldn’t love a fashion creation made to fit them perfectly?  Be sure to gift yourself one as well!

Original Crochet Bikinis

Brazilian bikinis are designed to display the body as attractively as possible.  This three-tone Brazilian crocheted bikini is no exception.  The triangle top in three colors is accented by decorative beads at the ends of the tie closures.  These ties provide a fully adjustable custom fit at the neck and center back.  The diminutive bikini bottom ties at the sides for a perfect fit every time.  Tie closures also mean no metal hardware to get hot in the sun.  The beige, light brown, and dark brown crocheted fabric is the perfect accent for a suntanned body. The hand crocheted fabric sets this Brazilian bikini apart from other swimwear.

Crochet (from the French word for “hook”) was invented by French nuns in the sixteenth century.  The sisters taught the craft to girls wherever they went and the craft became quite popular.  Why did women embrace crochet so quickly and enthusiastically?  Crochet enables the artisan to take a simple hook and a length of thread and create almost any shape imaginable!  It is like making fabric in thin air!  No looms and other equipment are needed.  A skilled crocheter can create a garment without seams, making items more comfortable while still having shape.  Crocheted fabric can be light and lacy, yet still be strong enough to use for clothing, fashion accessories, and household decorations.  The Irish made beautiful lace using crochet and sold that lace all over the world.  As the craft became more popular, enterprising artisans and amateur crafters discovered ways to make handbags, wedding gowns, jewelry—and even swimwear!

The beauty and strength of crocheted fabric can be molded into exquisite swimwear.  Since 2002, My Bikini Brazil has offered original, handmade Brazilian crocheted bikinis.  Perfectly formed, tight crochet stitches made by skilled crafters create a fabric you can confidently wear wet or dry.  No other fabric combines breathable, flexible comfort with such durability and incredible style. Crochet creates a firmer fabric than knitting, with just enough stretch for comfort without sagging or stretching out of shape.  Crocheted bikinis do not become transparent when wet like some traditional swimwear fabrics do. A Brazilian crocheted bikini is made for your beauty and comfort while sunbathing or swimming with confidence.  Crochet only looks fragile; but like a spider’s web, it is amazingly strong.

A crocheted bikini top also looks wonderful worn with a skirt and some jewelry for a lunch date or with jeans and an overshirt on cool evenings.  This beautiful style can be a versatile part of your vacation wardrobe—ideal for poolside, beach, or cruise wear.  Since each swimsuit is made by hand, your Brazilian crochet bikini will not be exactly like any other woman’s bikini.

If you are looking for unique swimwear in order to stand out from the crowd, look no more!  Combine the traditional beauty of crocheted lace fabric with the modern style of a Brazilian bikini for the best of the past and present.  My Bikini Brazil offer this style as well as many others for your consideration. Shop Crochet Bikinis now.

The Brazilian Bikini

The History of Swimwear in Brazil

It is amazing to see how much change swimsuit styles have undergone ever since its invention. Women used to don pieces that gave them full coverage but nowadays, bikinis have gotten skimpier and skimpier. As more people become open to wearing swimwear for lounging by the beach or pool, it seems that they have also become more scantily clad as the years pass by.

How the Brazilian Bikini Came to Be

Brazil is home to very fashion forward women who want to make sure that their clothes always stand out from the crowd. When three girls decided to wear their bikinis on a beach in Rio Sul, it was an overnight hit. The beach-loving Brazilians embraced the new trend with open arms and, as the years passed, the full coverage swimsuits introduced to them further reduced in size. Eventually, the Brazilian cut bikini was born.

The Brazilian Cut Bikini

Brazilians love to emphasize their voluptuous body and make it a point to highlight their assets such as in the chest and butt area. It was not surprising that the more conservative swimwear a century ago has now transformed into merely a thin strip of fabric that usually disappears into one’s behind. Popular Brazilian bikinis are often cut in a triangle or V-shaped style and are about 2 to 3 inches smaller in all directions, compared to the regular bikinis. Don’t be too shocked to see when Brazilians expose about half to three-fourths of their butt cheeks because that is totally normal.

Shapes, Colors, Textures

In the Brazilian bikini fashion scene, the details of your swimwear are very important because you would want to make sure that it highlights the right areas and that it stands out from the crowd of bikini-clad people.

Their bikinis are often made with very modern colors often using bright hues or even fluorescents. When it comes to shape, the Brazilian bikini goes for triangles and Vs but they want to make sure that the tops always emphasize and further maximize the size of the bust. These are often added with underwire support.

Sometimes, Brazilian bikinis are not always as skimpy as they usually are but they usually swap this out by using materials that will look even sexier. Nowadays, crochets and macramé tops and bottoms are the trend as they make a woman look many times hotter and sexier than they already are.

In the country, people do not really have regulations when it comes to their swimwear and instead celebrate the beauty of their bodies.

Crochet Swimwear and Crochet Clothing Fashion Trends 2016

Crochet swimwear is making their way in the fashion trends this 2016 and for good reason. Crochet pieces are often sexy and fun and fabulous that the big designers tell us that these types of clothing do not need to wait for summer to be worn. In fact, many of the crochet bikini styles are not actually meant to be worn in the water lest you risk it being carried by the wave but you can always wear this as a trendy piece.

Fashion Trends 2016

Fashion trends come and go all the time. It can be hard to predict what exactly people want for a particular season – some trends that used to be popular years ago would suddenly make a comeback but there are also those that would make us wonder why it ever got trendy.

It almost always is about being chic and sexy and sophisticated every time but it also seems that having that laidback and carefree aura is also becoming very popular. It’s no wonder why crochet clothing – from bikinis to casual clothing to a more formal ensemble – is becoming a trend for a lot of women.