Crochet swimwear is making their way in the fashion trends this 2016 and for good reason. Crochet pieces are often sexy and fun and fabulous that the big designers tell us that these types of clothing do not need to wait for summer to be worn. In fact, many of the crochet bikini styles are not actually meant to be worn in the water lest you risk it being carried by the wave but you can always wear this as a trendy piece.

Fashion Trends 2016

Fashion trends come and go all the time. It can be hard to predict what exactly people want for a particular season – some trends that used to be popular years ago would suddenly make a comeback but there are also those that would make us wonder why it ever got trendy.

It almost always is about being chic and sexy and sophisticated every time but it also seems that having that laidback and carefree aura is also becoming very popular. It’s no wonder why crochet clothing – from bikinis to casual clothing to a more formal ensemble – is becoming a trend for a lot of women.

Crochet Swimwear and Bikini

Crochet swimwear was actually a trend back in the 1970s but it seems that it is making a comeback this year. Everybody loves the laidback, hipster vibe of a crochet bikini and it’s really nice that it can come in many different color combinations. Even Tommy Hilfiger seems to be joining in on the trend of these beautiful crochet clothing.

The great thing about crochet bikini is that they are super easy to do and you do not even have to buy them if you do not like the ones available in the market. You can simply look for crochet swimwear patterns online and do them yourself – choose from any color combination and you have something that is truly unique and one of a kind!

Some pieces do not even have to be all crochet. There are those that are made from regular swimsuit material but the crochet details can make such a huge difference.

Other Trending Swimwear Styles

For those who are not quite into wearing crochet bikini, there are a few other trending styles that you can try. A lot of people are going gaga for bikinis in ethnic prints, for example, and they can usually come in the usual one piece or two piece swimsuits. These ethnic prints could also be found in other swimsuit styles such as in wrap bikini tops or even in rash guards and high waisted bikini pieces.

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