From: Benjamin
Subject: I can help you get more paying customers

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Dear site owner,

I’d like to draw your attention for a moment to the benefit of having a professional Instagram page for your business. As an internet marketer who has tried it all, I can confidently tell you that Instagram is the best marketing platform out there.

Here are 10 reasons why you should start using Instagram right now:

Promoting a website and getting traffic can be a big frustration. I know this feeling, because I’ve been there. And from my experience, I know that a properly managed Instagram page can take your sales to the sky.

I’ve been growing 240 Instagram pages over the last year. I can help your business grow, too.
Hiring me means hiring someone who has been doing internet marketing since 2008, with significant experience and a resume with hundreds of satisfied customers.

I usually take $75 per month (You can pay through Paypal).

I have 30 graphic designers, engagement analytics, traffic boosters, and content creators, all of whom will help to grow your Instagram page.

Want to know more, or to see some of my customer’s Instagram pages? Get in touch today!


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