The Brazilian Bikini

The History of Swimwear in Brazil

It is amazing to see how much change swimsuit styles have undergone ever since its invention. Women used to don pieces that gave them full coverage but nowadays, bikinis have gotten skimpier and skimpier. As more people become open to wearing swimwear for lounging by the beach or pool, it seems that they have also become more scantily clad as the years pass by.

How the Brazilian Bikini Came to Be

Brazil is home to very fashion forward women who want to make sure that their clothes always stand out from the crowd. When three girls decided to wear their bikinis on a beach in Rio Sul, it was an overnight hit. The beach-loving Brazilians embraced the new trend with open arms and, as the years passed, the full coverage swimsuits introduced to them further reduced in size. Eventually, the Brazilian cut bikini was born.

The Brazilian Cut Bikini

Brazilians love to emphasize their voluptuous body and make it a point to highlight their assets such as in the chest and butt area. It was not surprising that the more conservative swimwear a century ago has now transformed into merely a thin strip of fabric that usually disappears into one’s behind. Popular Brazilian bikinis are often cut in a triangle or V-shaped style and are about 2 to 3 inches smaller in all directions, compared to the regular bikinis. Don’t be too shocked to see when Brazilians expose about half to three-fourths of their butt cheeks because that is totally normal.

Shapes, Colors, Textures

In the Brazilian bikini fashion scene, the details of your swimwear are very important because you would want to make sure that it highlights the right areas and that it stands out from the crowd of bikini-clad people.

Their bikinis are often made with very modern colors often using bright hues or even fluorescents. When it comes to shape, the Brazilian bikini goes for triangles and Vs but they want to make sure that the tops always emphasize and further maximize the size of the bust. These are often added with underwire support.

Sometimes, Brazilian bikinis are not always as skimpy as they usually are but they usually swap this out by using materials that will look even sexier. Nowadays, crochets and macramé tops and bottoms are the trend as they make a woman look many times hotter and sexier than they already are.

In the country, people do not really have regulations when it comes to their swimwear and instead celebrate the beauty of their bodies.