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Crocheting is an excellent way to make clothing and swimwear yourself without spending much money, which is if you know how. While many over the years feel that crotchet isn’t as cool as it would be if you simply bought it at a store, this amazing skill of knotting and weaving yarn into something amazing using only a single string has been around for ages. Take for example the crotchet bikini which is seeing a return in popularity in people who enjoy retro clothing and other older styles. The fading in and out of fashion has occurred for many years and now the crotchet swimsuit is back in style and in popular demand.

What is Crochet Swimwear?

Crochet swimwear is exactly that, swimwear that was crocheted. However while the first thing that may come to your mind is the itchy sweater that your Nana crocheted for you several Christmases back, these crocheted swimwear articles are nothing of the sort. The Crochet bikini for example is created from the yarn and then cloth is generally sewn to the inside of the garment to cover the breast and other more delicate parts. This means there is no itchy feeling while you are out enjoying the beautiful surf and sand.


The history of crochet is a difficult one to track down as women have been crocheting for centuries and the skill was always passed down from mother to daughter until probably the 80’s or 90’s when fewer young children took interest in such things. While some chose to learn, others chose to follow other interests. However you can find many retro swimwear patterns online that date back before the 1930’s and possibly earlier if you wish to make your own crochet swimwear and clothing.

Why it’s so cool?

It is hard to say why crochet bikinis and other retro swimwear are making a comeback, but with the continued increase in Boho bikinis over the years and the trends that people follow, it isn’t much of a surprise. The crochet bikini can be something incredibly unique and sexy at the same time. Each variety of retro swimwear provides not only a look into the past, but a completely natural look that other forms of swimwear today simply do not possess. You can also enjoy the natural materials when making a crochet bikini of your own rather than buying it from a store.

About the Process of Crocheting

The process of crocheting is basically started by making a slipknot and building from it to create something wonderful. While this process will seem to take forever to complete, it is incredibly enjoyable and if you choose to try to make your own crochet swimwear or clothing you’ll feel pride in having made something for yourself. Since the process begins with a slipknot, it is then chained by repeating the chain stitch then what you do next depends on the pattern you are the process will change for each pattern you use.


You can find many samples of crochet bikinis and monokinis online that you can either buy or purchase the pattern for. These slim and beautiful retro swimwear options are both vintage in appeal and glamourous. While each crochet swimsuit will have its own look and design, they always look beautiful on sun kissed skin and come in a variety of colors. Whether you choose to make your own Boho bikini or other form of crochet swimwear, or even simply buy the crochet clothing you wish to have, you will enjoy wearing them every chance you get.

Where to Buy Online

If you are looking to buy your crochet swimwear online there are many options available to you as many online shops sell them. It is more of a matter of what you are looking for, and there are plenty of options that you can choose from here as well as other online shops that will provide you wide selections of crochet swimwear for purchase. No matter what retro swimwear style you are into, there is always something worth looking at and possibly purchasing online. Just be sure to properly measure yourself for your size based on the size chart available.

Future Trends

While retro swimwear like the Boho bikini and crochet bikini are in now, there is no telling where future trends may lead. With more and more natural looks come into style for summer, it is quite possible that the 70’s flower child look will be back in style very soon. However the crochet bikini and monokini will likely never go out of style with all of the retro swimwear fans that are entering the scene. It would be safe to say that purchasing a crochet swimsuit will last you quite a few seasons with proper care and still look beautiful and in style.