Crochet Bikinis

Crochet Bikinis | Top Ten Reasons We Love Them

There are so many reasons to love crochet bikinis!  Let’s consider just ten of the reasons here.

Reason 1: Cool Absorbency

A cotton crochet bikini is cool when it’s hot.  As a natural fiber, cotton allows air to circulate instead of trapping heat against the body.  Cotton also absorbs moisture, drawing it away from the skin for comfort. Crochet stitches also allow for ventilation—helping keep skin healthy.

Reason 2: Soft Strength

Crochet fabric is flexible, yet stable.  The combination of soft cotton thread with the firm loops made by a skilled needlecrafter creates a fabric that holds its shape.  Crocheted fabric has substance with flexibility, allowing the wearer to move freely while the garment hugs the body.  Despite its delicate appearance, however, crochet is amazingly strong and durable.  The fabric is made of interlocked loops of strong thread.

Reason 3: Beautiful Patterns

While crochet is composed of a few basic stitches, those stitches can be combined in infinite variety to create floral patterns, geometric motifs, or plain fabrics.  All sorts of lacy edgings are also possible using only cotton thread and a hook.  Individual flowers and other shapes can be joined together or layered over one another to create new patterns.  Beads can easily be added for even more variety.

Reason 4: Unique Beauty

Most swimwear is made of lycra spandex, a thin, synthetic fabric.  We love crochet bikinis because they break the mold and offer something unique.  Crochet is too lovely to be confined to table linens or winter scarves and hats.  Crochet swimwear is something that stands out in a sea of mass-produced swimsuits.

Reason 5: Wonderful Colors

Cotton crochet thread comes in a rainbow of wonderful colors, including neutral shades to match skin tones and bright or pastel fashion colors.  Instead of merely the “in” colors and fabrics of a season, a handmade crocheted bikini can be ordered in your favorite colors any year.  Cotton, a natural fiber, is easy to dye, so it comes in many colorfast hues for long-lasting beauty.

Reason 6: Alluring Femininity

Crochet designs have the look of antique lace and classic beauty.  Instead of shiny synthetic suits, crochet cotton bikinis offer a natural look that enhances the female form.  Look like a lady who appreciates nature and fine craftsmanship.  Be a timeless beauty instead of a fashion fad.

Reason 7: Seamless Comfort

Crochet is a craft which makes fabric in thin air using only thread and a hook. Rather than cutting fabric and sewing the pieces together, crochet makes the fabric and shapes it at the same time.  Imagine the comfort of a swimsuit with no seams—just fabric shaped to your curves, with a few adjustable ties to keep things in place.

Reason 8: Artisan Details

Because crochet is a craft done by hand (there are knitting machines, but no crochet machines) it lends itself to special details.  Lace edging can be added to a bikini without any seams.  Beads can be threaded onto the crochet cotton and stitched into the work securely. Colors can be easily changed to make stripes or patterns.  Flexibility is possible with human hands carefully crafting each piece.

Reason 9: Amazing Variety

Crochet permits endless variety in shaping and fashion details for crochet swimwear.  Sizes can be adjusted.  A full bottom can be crocheted again with a thong back instead.  Stitch patterns can be changed, tops and bottoms mixed and matched.  The bikini tops also combine well with anything from a long skirt to jeans or cut-off shorts for an additional outfit.

Reason 10: Quality Craftsmanship

Crochet is an art form and a useful craft.  A skilled worker makes uniformly neat, tight stitches for a garment that lasts for years.  Washing and drying, swimming and sunning—cotton crocheted bikinis can take the wear without tearing.  Handmade garments have been closely handled and watched over by a human being who takes pride in a job well done.  Any mistakes in construction were likely corrected as soon as they were made, ensuring your garment is a one-of-a-kind work of art.

My Bikini Brazil loves crochet bikini swimsuits and would love the opportunity to make one for you.  We think you will love them, too.